"Hello there! I am Bitterinia, and i welcome you to this little corner of mine on the Web!"

This said corner was started to be created on 31st of July 2023, from my side with the help of many people on the internet, such a thing's existence is also one of the reasons why this little site you are in exists right now.

I am a 20 year old "programmer" currently at my first year in computer engineering at university. I have the slight amount of knowledge of sitebuilding and C#, i grew up with computers thanks to where my father was occupied with his job and that resulted in me being where i am right now. Though that mostly resulted in me knowing more about mechanical stuff rather than the software stuff i am currently studying/trying to learn.

I mostly created this website to learn new things with some of them being related to what i study, have a place that i try to make it feel like the most "me" and also through all of this get to express myself to people i know or not better. I believe that the best thing about the internet is the people you can meet with it.

My biggest dream at the moment is to get to meet amazing people i know in my life right now through here in real life.

Thats all of there is of Bitterinia from Bitterinia! If you'd like to get to see more of me, you can refer to the navigation bars to your left.

Have a good day!